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Bit Blanket - The Electric Bit Warmer

Warm that bit! During the fall and winter months, horse bits become dangerously cold. Cold bits cause pain, discomfort, numbness, and damage to the soft tissue in horses' mouths. These clear dangers also lead to additional problems: The numbing effect that a cold bit has on the lips and tongue will result in less sensitivity to light bit pressure -- something no rider who values the importance of clear and effective communication would want. The negative results of the cold-bit experience can also lead to problems with bridling, creating a head-shy horse that's resistant to being bridled. This is a concern with horses of any age and should be of particular concern when introducing a young horse to the bitting process. Experts agree that making each aspect of the training process as positive as possible is critical to successful and effective training. Warming a cold bit, therefore eliminating that negative association, is an important step in the positive training process. Bit Blanket makes that step easy.




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News Bulletin

Mini Bit Blankets are now available!

We are happy to announce that Bit Blankets are now available for miniature horses!

Bit Blankets can be purchased by visiting one of the tack shops listed on our "Retailers" page or by ordering through select online retailers.
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